Zing application

Professional branding and watermarking for perfect visuals and enhanced protection of your photos.

What Is Zing?

In one click, Zing will batch resize, brand, watermark, rename and convert all of the photos in a given folder.

It is the only tool that offers smart branding with enhanced watermark erasure attack protection.

Zing is Smart

For each photo, it will pick the best logo and the best location for it, out of all possible combinations.

Zing is Crafty

The randomization option significantly increases protection against watermark erasure attacks.

Zing is Flexible

Create presets with different settings for all your different derivative uses.

Zing is Fast

In one click, Zing will quickly resize, brand, watermark, rename and convert all of the photos in a given folder.

How Does It Work?

The first time you use Zing, you will personalize your export settings.

After that, it will be a simple drag and drop every time.

STEP 1: Customize your outcome.

STEP 2: Setp-up your export presets. Zing comes with two pre-loaded presets for Facebook and Instagram. You can add additional presets.

STEP 3: Drag and drop your folder with photos into Zing.

Folders with your output are created by Zing according to your custom naming convention and your custom presets.

Zing’s smart feature automatically picks the best logo based on your background image and selected placement.

Custom watermark text is also applied if desired by the user. Watermark randomization is also applied if selected by the user offering a higher protection against watermark erasure attacks.


Before using Zing, I would spend hours every month generating the many variants I need to publish on social media, post on my own website, or deliver to my clients for them to post on social media. Each of these variants has specific requirements in terms of resolution, file format, naming convention, and branding. For my clients to post online, I just add a discrete branding element and rename the files so the authorized uses are explicit, but for my own portfolio on my website, I need a much more robust watermarking technology. Now I just drag and drop a folder full of photos onto Zing and I get all my variants generated in seconds. The hours I save every month are put to much better use: I can have more fun shooting sessions and bring in more revenue at the same time. Thanks Zing!

Aline – Photographer at aline-designs.com

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